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Our Expertise Improves Your Bottom Line

At iSOA Group, we understand the business value that technology brings at every stage of its lifecycle.

Our team of certified trusted advisors are focused on integration and cloud technologies from IBM®, RedHat and Broadcom (CA Technologies). We bring deep expertise and real-world customer experience to all of our client engagements.

At iSOA Group we pride ourselves on our proven ability to help our clients chose the best solution that fits their needs. But our relationship extends far beyond choosing the best solution! We guide our clients through the full life cycle, from architecture to development, through implementation, mentorship and training.

Leadership Team

iSOA Group’s leadership team brings over 20 years of experience to help assure client’s realize return on their investment for the chosen technology. We continue to maintain our customer relationships well beyond the solution and development/implementation phase, and support our clients ongoing.

We are thought leaders in our areas of expertise, working strategically with IBM, RedHat and CA/Broadcom. We provide feedback and assistance to make improvements in software solutions based on our experience in the field, and we are noted contributors and speakers at conferences such as IBM Think and IBM Tech Con.

Solution Expertise

iSOA Group’s partnerships with industry leading offerings from IBM, RedHat and Broadcom/CA Technologies.