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We are excited to announce the release of the book (Amazon release on January 14, 2022): Digital Transformation and modernization with IBM API Connect. One of the lead authors was iSOA Group’s own CTO, Bryon Kataoka! Get your copy on Amazon today at: https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Transformation-Modernization-Connect

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Secured. Integrated. Flexible.

Building a lasting foundation for the digital enterprise.

Secured Gateways

Providing secured, integrated, and flexible connectivity for your enterprise.

API Management

Delivering successful API management strategies and frameworks for developing innovative applications. Whether internal or external, we deliver a robust and agile API management solution.

Hybrid Cloud Integration

A successful digital enterprise is an integrated one. Developing a flexible framework that enables integration from within the enterprise to the cloud, mobile, and remote devices is key for true information innovation.

About Brooklyn
About Brooklyn

iSOA Trusted Advisors:

Certified in delivering proven, digitally innovative solutions.

API Management Migrations

Enabling companies to smoothly migrate their API Management Platform to the latest solution (e.g. Learn more about IBM APIC V5 to APIC 2018) is key to supporting agile development and integration. Learn More

StandUp Services

Laying the groundwork, utilizing proven iSOA Group best practices to assure a successful deployment and implementation of your API Management and integration solutions. Learn More

Agile Hybrid integration

Delivering agile solutions for integrated applications, data and security designed for cloud, private and hybrid deployments. Learn More

About Brooklyn

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