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USE CASE: FHIR Implementation.

Getting the Record Straight—and Secure—with FHIR

Medical providers need to keep medical information readily accessible for authorized use—from getting laboratory reports to transferring relevant records before a surgery—while protecting patient privacy. The Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Specification—FHIR—from the Health Level Seven International standards organization builds on earlier HL-7 standards to untangle that challenge with specified, standardized JSON data delivered via API. Implementing FHIR in practice takes expert guidance. API management solutions from iSOA Group can help safely make the links needed to securely, efficiently implement FHIR records in an SOA environment.

The iSOA method

Whether your needs are entirely in-house, or cross-institutional firewalls, iSOA Group can apply its expertise in working with complex records and API management as a trusted partner. iSOA’s team of experts will help you design an architecture for intelligent, secure FHIR data exchange that meets today’s data-protection mandates and is ready for upgrading as those mandates evolve.