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USE CASE: Moving to the cloud.

Moving Complex Loads to the Cloud: Not for Beginners


Especially with widely distributed enterprise software, there’s a constant balancing act when it comes to resources: how much data or processing power can be centralized and abstracted, and how much must be hosted on-premises? With architecture solutions from iSOA Group, the challenge of upgrading from legacy, on-premises deployments to flexible, cost-effective cloud or hybrid cloud solutions doesn’t have to be out of reach—and it doesn’t have to be all-or-nothing. After all, sometimes, on-premises hosting or processing makes the most sense. Entire solutions, or strategic parts of them, though, can run in the cloud seamlessly rather than be locked into local, physical machines. Either way, cleanly separated, reliable services allow continuous delivery without disruption.

How iSOA Can Help

Data environments are never one-size-fits-all. iSOA Group can help you navigate your cloud moves, including strategic use of legacy systems, by delivering an architecture and services strategy that carefully weighs the impact of architecture complexity, secure access, and operational costs in the context of your actual infrastructure needs.