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StandUp Services

Applying trusted expertise and client-tested methodologies to implement technology on-time and on-budget.

Our services and solution teams help companies wherever they are in their technology lifecycle. iSOA trusted advisors are available throughout an implementation; from architecture planning and technology selection, to deployment and customization, post deployment support, and training and ongoing advice, we will support you through your journey.


iSOA trusted advisors work with clients to educate key stakeholders and business users on how to develop an architecture and deployment plan. We help ensure alignment with current business requirements and that technology choices have the agility to support future business, security and compliance requirements.

StandUp Deployment Methodology

The iSOA trusted deployment methodology ensures that solutions are stood up, tailored and deployed correctly and on-time. By leveraging iSOA-built frameworks and best practices that are based on an upfront, agreed-to project plan that tailors the deployed solution for the clients’ unique requirements.

Post-Deployment Mentoring / Support

Our advisors stand ready with post-deployment availability for mentoring and design session support to assist client teams as requirements and technology evolve. If you are not sure when to upgrade to the latest release or seeking to expand solution deployment to the cloud, let the advisors you already trust help support your ongoing environment.


iSOA training stands apart; our trusted advisors guide your team through the transition from deployment to full implementation with team training that applies real-world experience, not just theory. iSOA advisors apply vendor-certified curricula and their own experience to ensure that your personnel can manage and support the deployed solution. To learn more, see iSOA Training.

OnDemand Services

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the advisor who deployed your solution available, on-call, to support that next “What if,” or “How to”? iSOA Group consultants can be available on demand as your expert-on-call to help answer post-deployment questions and provide best practice guidance. To learn more see OnDemand Services.

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