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Secured Gateways

Securing connectivity across the enterprise, across enterprises, and into the cloud

Secure Gateways are purpose-built solutions that enable digital innovation by helping companies to securely unify the enterprise, connect to cloud(s), and achieve cross-enterprise integration, that supports agile API Management and Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

iSOA Group advisors focus on assuring that each secured gateway deployment meets clients’ architectural requirements, including secured application-layer connectivity between existing internal systems, external customers and partners. Our unique methodology helps business’ realize digital innovation by helping to securely integrate cloud services, applications, mobile, Internet-of-thing (IOT) devices, and devops while supporting industry and government compliance requirements.

Since 2005, we have been recognized as secured gateway experts. Our trusted advisors are recognized industry leaders in gateway services and deployment and have spoken at numerous industry conferences and special events.


iSOA Group’s trusted advisors work with clients to forge a flexible, secure gateway architecture and technology plan to support current business requirements, and plan for the future. Our advisors can assist in technology solution selection, gateway solution evaluation criteria, vendor evaluation, and in proof-of-concept execution. Our team will ensure your solution choice is the best for your business!

StandUp Deployment

iSOA StandUP gateway deployment services support the deployment, customization, testing, and training required to ensure that secured gateway solutions go into production successfully, on-time and on-budget. Our trusted advisors follow a proven iSOA gateway methodology and framework that accelerates the deployment time and shortens the time to implementation. To learn more see StandUP Services.


iSOA Group provides training for secured gateways to enable your teams to operate, manage, and support the deployed solution. Our trusted advisors apply real-world client experience and leverage vendor-certified curricula to share best practices. With workshops and hands-on instruction, we make it easy for your IT staff to move from classroom to real-world support. To learn more see iSOA Training.

Post-Deployment Mentoring / Support

iSOA advisors are committed to smooth transitions; with iSOA’s mentoring and support, your team will minimize challenges and ensure continuity of operations.

OnDemand Services

Ongoing success with your secured gateway solution is achieved by day-to-day operation and management, and tailoring of your deployed technology solution. Your iSOA Group trusted advisor is available with “OnDemand Services”, providing you an expert-on-call to answer questions and provide post-deployment best practice guidance. To learn more see OnDemand Services.

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