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Upcoming Events

Anatomy of an API Breach

Cybersecurity incidents frequently make headlines, often linked to API breaches that expose significant volumes of data. What factors contribute to the rise of these attacks, and what are the mechanisms behind them? This session will explore the reasons behind the increasing frequency of these incidents and delve into their operational dynamics. Through a notable recent incident...

API Security

This session will examine the distinct aspects of API security compared to conventional application and web app security. Discover how to integrate API security into your overall security program throughout every stage of the API lifecycle—from development and production to retirement. Ensure your teams operate efficiently and securely at all times.

DataPower secures your APIs

Many companies are unaware of DataPower's capabilities beyond its role as a gateway. Did you realize that DataPower can also function effectively as a lightweight ESB? This session aims to introduce DataPower, exploring its integration and security features that enable secure and efficient delivery of APIs and SOAP services with minimal to no coding required.

Meet the Author

During this session, Bryon Kataoka, CTO of iSOA Group, discusses the motivations behind writing his book and the swift influence of CI/CD on accelerating the addition of chapters and desired features that were previously time-constrained.

Industry Experts Panel Discussion

Join iSOA Group and our panel of experts for the API Excellence Summer Series Webinars. Explore the dynamic digital landscape of API integration, management, governance, and security in concise 20-minute sessions. Each webinar offers essential insights to help you implement a comprehensive API strategy, followed by a Q&A session.