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27 Sep 2023

iSOA Group: Celebrating our Golden Anniversary with 27 Years of Innovation and Excellence

Twenty-seven years ago, a vision was born – a vision of transforming the world of technology through innovation, dedication, and a commitment to excellence. Today, as we celebrate our 27th anniversary, we take immense pride in reflecting on the journey of iSOA Group, a journey that has been marked by remarkable achievements, technological advancements, and unwavering dedication to our mission. Join us as we revisit our remarkable story and celebrate the legacy of iSOA Group.  A Journey of Innovation:  From our humble beginnings in 1996, iSOA Group has consistently pushed the boundaries of what is possible in the world of IT and software development. We started as a small team with a big dream – to simplify and enhance the way businesses connect, integrate, and thrive in the digital age. Over the past 27 years, we have not only realized…

05 May 2023

Cisco Automation made easy with RedHat Ansible Automation

iSOA Group will be hosting a free workshop on Ansible Automation on Thursday, June 29, 2023 starting at 11am PST/2pm EST. Don't miss your chance to participate in this free 4 hour workshop where you will learn how network automation with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can help you connect and orchestrate Cisco devices and tools, and integrate them into your more significant automation initiatives. Who can benefit? This workshop is geared toward DevOps Engineers, Operations Engineers, Systems Engineers, Release Engineers, System Administrators, Developers, Operations Staff, Network Engineers, Security Professionals, and anyone interested in network automation. What you will learn: What is the Ansible Automation Platform? Ansible Automation Platform for Network Automation. Understanding Ansible Automation Platform Modules and Playbooks. Using Ansible Automation Platform with Cisco. Using Automation Controller to scale automation to the enterprise. Other Demos REGISTER HERE: iSOA Group…

12 Apr 2022


Perspective... When we take a step back to observe the size of an ancient redwood compared to our human form or take the time to reflect after a particular activity, or how about our life before, during and after a pandemic? If you look up the meaning of perspective, one of the definitions you will see is “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view“ Both Bryon and I have a different perspective on many things after our book tour, road trip traversing the California Pacific Coast Highway. From the grandeur of the coast and the crashing waves against the craggy outcroppings, to those we met along the way, to traveling in a camper van and experiencing life on the road. Not to mention working on the road with the challenges of an Internet connection!…

04 Apr 2022

Day 9-13 of the PCH Road Trip – From Joshua Tree to San Simeon and points in between

From Joshua Tree to Fillmore, to Montańa De Oro to San Simeon. Our travels took us from Joshua Tree to the next stop, Fillmore California. Fillmore is a small city in Ventura County, California. Our stay here (we thought) was at a winery, but ended up being in a winery tasting room parking lot in the middle of town. 🤔 Not much more to say about this locale so I will move on.... Next brought us to Montańa De Oro State Park, and what a treat it was! Breathtaking coastline and what appears to be lots of trails that are a mountain bikers dream! Bryon had a preparatory call with IBM one morning to test out the web conferencing functionality. We had to drive until we had several bars of wifi. Continually I was reporting "Ok, now I have 2…

31 Mar 2022

Day 7 & 8 – PCH California road trip heading from Lake Havasu/Parker Damn to Joshua Tree National Park/North at Jumbo Rocks

Do you see a book hidden in the tree above? Yippee!! We were treated with many Joshua Tree’s on this side of the park as we never saw one on the South side. The curves and undulating shapes of the rocks in the park had me envisioning many large round bottoms, and hearing the song in my head “I Like Big Butts”. Really, I cannot lie. 😉 I’m sure Bryon Kataoka would relate this back to some technical reference, maybe something to do with API Connect. Of course he did! The stacks of rocks reminded him of the building blocks of software, perfectly layered and hardened. And a balanced rock and spoke he related to balancing priorities. Do you wonder who piled up all those rocks? Well, mother nature of course! The rock piles began underground eons ago as a…

31 Mar 2022

Day 4-6 – PCH California road trip heading from Joshua Tree National Park to Lake Havasu

This leg of our road trip brought us to Lake Havasu on the border of California and Arizona. We spent 3 days with a dear friend who winters there for 5 months of the year, escaping the rains of Northern California. Yeah, right! It appears our trip coincided during spring break. Lucky us! 😜 And it appears spring break doesn’t just apply to the college students, as most of the (retired) guests at Sunshine resort seemed to keep up with the younger folks! Our friend Gerry provided us with a guided tour on two separate days of the sites around Parker Dam and Lake Havasu. We even got to see the London Bridge! And thankfully it wasn’t falling down! 😉 That is Gerry and Rita. I call her Rita Schmida. She was a rescue from Compassion Without Borders, an organization…

31 Mar 2022

Day 3 – PCH California road trip heading to Joshua Tree National Park

After 6.5 hours of driving we made it to Cottonwood campground on the south side of Joshua Tree. We had to get gas yet again at the currently outrageous prices of almost $7 per gallon here in California! The ride to Joshua Tree had us traveling through I-5 and I-10. So many semi trucks flying by made for a white knuckling experience!! 😬 Seeing all of these trucks with containers reminded me of Kubernetes and container-based microservices. I know, I’m geeking out again! We didn’t really see any Joshua trees but we did explore the many rock formations and desert cacti. Joshua Tree has no hook-ups, and our van required shore power to take hot showers, so it was “army showers” with freezing cold water for us! 🥶 We also needed to conserve the onboard water to make it last…

30 Mar 2022

Day 2 of the PCH road trip & API Connect Book Tour

Living in a camper van is a whole new experience for us! It added some unique challenges as we prepared to head to Paso Robles from Big Sur for our stay at Tobin James Winery. We needed to empty our cassette toilet, fill up with fresh water and empty the grey water. A bit of yucky job, but not something you want to put off. One of those preparation items is to make sure you use the potable, not the non-potable water when filling your fresh water tank!! We were warned by a fellow camper, who unfortunately did this the wrong way. We were treated to some amazing views during our 2.5-hour drive from Big Sur to Paso Robles. Well let’s be real, Cheryl was treated mostly, as Bryon was driving! You may wonder how we were able to stay…

16 Mar 2022

Road trippin! Join the iSOA team on our road trip as we see the sights and sounds of the California Pacific Coast

Join iSOA’s CTO, Bryon Kataoka and COO Cheryl Bertini-Kataoka on a road trip as we travel the California Pacific Coast Highway! How can you do this you say?… Follow along with iSOA Group, on our magical mystery book tour! Join us as we travel to various points on California’s beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. We will traverse some amazing coastline, share our experiences, and sprinkle a few nuggets along the way. And of course, post some photos sure to make you swoon! But alas, it will not be all fun and games, as Bryon Kataoka will be preparing for his virtual presentation for IBM TechCon 2022. His presentation, IBM API Connect v10, Tips, Tricks and Best Practices (session #522), is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 8:05 am PST/11:05 am EST. Register here: IBM TechCon 2022 registration Along with some jaw dropping…

06 Jul 2021

iSOA Group Post Race Results and Webinar Replay

The race is over, and it was a close finish! Everyone was a winner though, as they were treated to a fun wine tasting event with Adobe Road Winery, and sampled some amazing wines! The checkered flag went to David Marx/RedHat Senior Solutions Architect, delivering a winning presentation on RedHat OpenShift . iSOA Group along with RedHat held the webinar on March 2, 2021 on Digital Transformation and Application Modernization using OpenShift. If you were unable to attend or would like to hear it again, please click on the link below to listen:

17 Feb 2021

iSOA Group is Shifting gears this year!

iSOA Group is hosting a 3 pronged event, where participants will be rewarded at the final lap with a virtual wine tasting which includes a bottle of award-winning Adobe Road wine from Sonoma County, California!! And this isn't just your usual run of the mill award-winning winery!  This winery is also owned by a world-famous race car driver and the owner of The Racing Group (TRG Racing). Here is the planned race line up: Race start: We will start with a webinar on March 2nd. We will discuss how Red Hat OpenShift will help to transform your cloud-native initiatives. This will also highlight a few Red Hat customers that have used OpenShift to efficiently modernize legacy applications and develop new cloud-native applications. See details and registration link below. Midway stretch: Post webinar, each attendee will then be invited to join iSOA Group on…

02 Dec 2019

Moving from API Connect v5 to v2018 … Considerations

Are you an IBM API Connect customer?  If so, we have some questions for you: Have you deployed V5 and wonder what you need to consider when migrating to APIC v2018? Have you deployed API Connect V5 successfully, and you’re looking to migrate to API Connect v2018? Did you know API Connect V5 was deployed on VM's, whereas API Connect v2018 has been built on a microservices architecture to support containerized hybrid cloud deployments? Is your team well versed in containers and Kubernetes? Are you considering migration? For those looking to migrate from APIC v5 to APIC v2018, our CTO,  Bryon Kataoka and team has put together a document that outlines what you need to consider: Managing APIs: More Than Turning A Switch. Like some of our clients you may consider deploying APIC v2018 for new API Management requirements and…

22 Nov 2019

Registration Now Open: iSOA Group Webinar: API Led Integration from IBM and RedHat

Join iSOA Group and IBM, to learn how bringing together IBM and RedHat solutions can deliver API Led Integration across your private and public cloud solutions. Date: 12/5/2019 Time: 11:00am PST/2:00pm EST Click to Register: iSOA Group Webinar: API Led Integration from IBM and RedHat Learn: Why API's are the key to an open integration strategy enabling developers to easily integrate key services and data into their own innovative application. How IBM is building its integration solutions on RedHat OpenShift, supporting micro-services and containers to support API Led Integration and digital innovation across a variety of public and private clouds? Share how iSOA Group trusted advisors have developed best practices for deploying a successful API Led Integration solution. Speakers: Tony Curcio, IBM's API Management Offering Manager Bryon Kataoka , iSOA Group, CTO, APIC and DataPower expert Brian Silverman, iSOA Group…

08 Nov 2019

Learn with iSOA Group: Access live demonstrations from the IBM’s Cloud Pak for Integration Training Workshop in New York City

The iSOA team, led by our CTO, Bryon Kataoka, recently attended IBM’s Cloud Pak for Integration training in New York City. IBM Cloud Paks are the evolution of the IBM Cloud and Solutions that incorporate RedHat OpenShift capabilities and share core services across Cloud Pak capabilities and a common user experience that help companies transform and deploy applications in a hybrid cloud world. The IBM Cloud Paks incorporate updated IBM offerings redeveloped into microservices and that can support RedHat and open capabilities that support your microservices strategy and provide common capabilities and support on-premise and multiple cloud providers including AWS, Azure, Google and IBM Cloud. Whether you are a current IBM client for integration and messaging or are exploring options to support data and application requirements in a cloud and hybrid-cloud based world, the IBM Cloud Pak for Integration is…

11 Apr 2019

Taming the FHIR of Healthcare Should Not be like Navigating Oz!

As Bryon Kataoka, iSOA Group CTO, tells clients, "It isn't about if, but when FHIR will be common across the healthcare industry landscape.” As healthcare continues to move from quantitative services to qualitative results of patient care, FHIR is not just a more efficient approach to integrating healthcare information, it is an imperative approach.  Imagine the possibilities when you understand the potential of FHIR: Patients with mobile phones can access, with ease, their healthcare appointments, test results, and overall health records. Healthcare insurers being able to integrate the provider’s documented services into a healthcare claim without a coding expert between them, the physician, hospitals and labs. The payer can confirm the services provided, see the validated results, and reimburse the healthcare providers seamlessly. A healthcare emergency occurs during travel, but the patient can approve access to their healthcare records by…

08 Feb 2019

API Connect ver2018: A Case Study

In today's world of technology, deployed solutions are no longer the end of a project, but the beginning. Case in point: API's enable companies to have more agile development, innovation across their development teams, and enable partners and customers to easily integrate their services and information into their own applications.  One of the keys to the API value is the ability to create versions of API's that enable new capabilities without having other developers change their own applications unless they want to leverage the new capabilities.  As an example, a Netflix app on a TV may not be updated, although Netflix and their API's add functionality all the time.  The viewer is still able to access and watch movies on the older version of the TV app, but they just can't take advantage of the latest new features. The same…

29 Jan 2019

Think! By the Bay – IBM’s Think! 2019 Conference Preview

It’s that time of the year! IBM’s Think! Conference 2019 is just around the corner, with an official start on February 12th, and the iSOA Group team could not be more excited!  With a major change in location, this means that this years’ conference is in our own backyard - San Francisco. We are pumped to get together with a few thousand of our IBM and client friends from around the country and across the globe. After many years in Las Vegas, we are looking forward to the scenery change and showing all the out-of-town IBMers how we Bay Area locals get down.   Last year’s Think! 2018 was a great event that included exciting sessions, great demos, collaboration with clients, IBM & partner experts, and our own Bryon Kataoka’s presentation in the solution center. However, for 2019, iSOA Group will…

23 Jan 2019

IBM DataPower Weekly Webcast: Migrating from API Connect v5 to v2018 – Jan 25, 2019 @ 11AM EST

This Friday, Bryon Kataoka - CTO of iSOA Group - will join IBM to present & discuss iSOA Group's experience helping API Connect customers upgrade from APIC v5 to APIC v2018. This webcast series is designed just for IBM Cloud Integration & Development product users. Every week one of our experts provides a 20-25 minute overview on a particular HOT topic related to the Integration & Development product family, including MQ, API Connect, DataPower, App Connect, and Aspera. This webcast series is designed to provide brief, easily digestible content on functionality, emerging use cases, best practices, recent announcements, and client successes. Attend these short educational webcasts to learn how you can better leverage the Integration & Development portfolio in your organization, discover new areas of applicability and enable you to maximize the value of your investment. Log in Information: https://ibm.webex.com/join/jspacini…

03 Aug 2018

REPLAY AVAILABLE – Reach Across the Cloud: Security & Compliance for Microsoft Customers

Topics discussed: Cross-cloud security & authentication that supports Microsoft, including on-prem & Azure Active Directory with Kerberos, Federated SSO, & OpenID Authentication. Extend compliance beyond the edge, deploying secured gateway solutions across cloud deployments. Integrate & secure Microsoft applications & solutions across both private & public clouds.