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Day 3 – PCH California road trip heading to Joshua Tree National Park

After 6.5 hours of driving we made it to Cottonwood campground on the south side of Joshua Tree. We had to get gas yet again at the currently outrageous prices of almost $7 per gallon here in California!

The ride to Joshua Tree had us traveling through I-5 and I-10. So many semi trucks flying by made for a white knuckling experience!! 😬

Seeing all of these trucks with containers reminded me of Kubernetes and container-based microservices. I know, I’m geeking out again!

We didn’t really see any Joshua trees but we did explore the many rock formations and desert cacti.
Joshua Tree has no hook-ups, and our van required shore power to take hot showers, so it was “army showers” with freezing cold water for us! 🥶

We also needed to conserve the onboard water to make it last until we were able to fill up with fresh water again. As citizens of California we are well versed at conserving water. 💦

I am preparing for my API Connect presentation at IBM TechCon 2022 scheduled for 4/6 during this road trip, and several days without an Internet connection presented a bit of a challenge. No Internet also has its upside too, like taking the time to enjoy our surroundings and getting out in nature.

As a reminder: IBM API Connect v10, Tips, Tricks and Best Practices (session #522) is on Wednesday, April 6, 8:05 am PST/11:05 am EST. He will be joined in his session by Dan Temkin, IBM Sr Product Manager, IBM API Connect.
Register here: IBM TechCon 2022 registration