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May 28, 2024 Cheryl Bertini

iSOA Group Welcomes Scott Bly as Director of API Security Solutions 

iSOA Group Establishes API Security Practice

iSOA Group Welcomes Scott Bly as Director of API Security Solutions 

PETALUMA, CA — iSOA Group, a leading consultancy in API Management and Integration, proudly announces the appointment of Scott Bly as the Director of API Security Solutions. With a distinguished career in cybersecurity, Scott brings a wealth of experience from his latest role as a Senior Cybersecurity Technical Account Manager at Noname Security, where he was instrumental in developing comprehensive API security programs for high-profile clients. 

Scott’s extensive background includes pivotal roles at Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he ran the Enterprise Support Security Improvement Program for North America – a team that assisted over 200 customers to measure and improve their cloud security postures. Scott also led two teams of AWS TAMs for strategic customers in the Telco space, responsible for nearly $500 million in annual revenue. His achievements at AWS and Noname Security underscore his deep understanding of the complexities surrounding API security and his ability to drive substantial improvements in cybersecurity practices.  

Scott has previously served as a Cybersecurity Solutions Architect and holds over 40 certifications in IT and security, including CISSP and CISM, and from vendors such as Fortinet, Cisco and AWS. Originally trained in film and video production and post-production at the University of Southern California, Scott’s experience in film was the perfect fit to serve as the Director of IT for the American Film Institute, where he led their digital transformation and migration to the cloud. He also led a Los Angeles based technology consulting firm specializing in the SMB and Media/Entertainment space for fifteen years.  

At iSOA Group, Scott will lead the newly established API Security Solutions practice, aiming to integrate robust security measures throughout the API lifecycle—from development to operations. This initiative will benefit from iSOA Group’s strategic partnerships with industry leaders including Noname Security, IBM and RedHat ensuring a comprehensive approach to API security. 

Peter Ling, Co-founder and Managing Partner of iSOA Group, commented, “Scott’s appointment marks a significant step for our company. His expertise will enable us to provide end-to-end API management solutions that ensure security and trust, enhancing our clients’ ability to leverage APIs for business growth and improved customer experience.” 

Bryon Kataoka, iSOA Group Co-founder and CTO, added, “Securing APIs extends beyond traditional measures. With Scott’s leadership, our API Security Solutions practice broadens iSOA’s capabilities in API-led development and testing, DevSecOps, FinOps and Governance.” 

“I’ve worn a lot of hats over the years,” Scott laughs, when asked about his diverse background. “My time at AFI brought together IT consulting and film, and I’m very pleased that the opportunity to lead iSOA’s security practice will allow me to blend cyber and entrepreneurship.” Scott lives in southern California with his wife, son, and two cats. 

As iSOA Group celebrates its 27th year as a leader in integration and API management, the addition of Scott Bly reaffirms its commitment to innovation and excellence in helping businesses secure and manage their digital interfaces. 

For more information about iSOA Group or to inquire about our API Security Solutions Practice, please contact Cheryl Bertini, COO, at cbertini@isoagroup.com. 

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