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April 12, 2022 Cheryl Bertini


Reflections on road trip and post IBM Tech Con presentation

Perspective… When we take a step back to observe the size of an ancient redwood compared to our human form or take the time to reflect after a particular activity, or how about our life before, during and after a pandemic?

If you look up the meaning of perspective, one of the definitions you will see is “a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view“

Both Bryon and I have a different perspective on many things after our book tour, road trip traversing the California Pacific Coast Highway. From the grandeur of the coast and the crashing waves against the craggy outcroppings, to those we met along the way, to traveling in a camper van and experiencing life on the road. Not to mention working on the road with the challenges of an Internet connection! Or should I say, lack thereof!!

We hope you have been able to follow along with us through our blog and see and experience some of what we have encountered. If not, please see the past posts below.

Now that Bryon’s session at IBM TechCon is over, I presume you too may have a different perspective related to IBM API Connect? Also, I presume you have a point of view on the session itself? We welcome your feedback on the session: API Connect, Tips Tricks and Best Practices. Was it beneficial to you? Are there more questions you have for our team? Unfortunately, one of the recorded demos (there were 3 total) was not available to play during the session, but you do have the ability to hear it in a replay of the session. Please reach out if you would like a copy.

Thank you to those who attended the session, we hope you found it useful.

After 24.5 years delivering services to our clients, we have gained much perspective. We’ve learned valuable lessons over the years that have informed our work habits and how we deliver services. This applies all the way from our operational approach, to our technical delivery and beyond. There is no better teacher than experience! We thank our valued clients for trusting in us.

Now off to our next adventure, which will certainly give us a newfound perspective!

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