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April 4, 2022 Cheryl Bertini

Day 9-13 of the PCH Road Trip – From Joshua Tree to San Simeon and points in between

In search of connectivity, Author: Cheryl Bertini

From Joshua Tree to Fillmore, to Montańa De Oro to San Simeon.

Our travels took us from Joshua Tree to the next stop, Fillmore California. Fillmore is a small city in Ventura County, California. Our stay here (we thought) was at a winery, but ended up being in a winery tasting room parking lot in the middle of town. 🤔

Not much more to say about this locale so I will move on….

Next brought us to Montańa De Oro State Park, and what a treat it was! Breathtaking coastline and what appears to be lots of trails that are a mountain bikers dream!

Bryon had a preparatory call with IBM one morning to test out the web conferencing functionality. We had to drive until we had several bars of wifi. Continually I was reporting “Ok, now I have 2 bars, now dropped to 1, now I have 4. Wait! dropped back down to 1” and so on. We were a few minutes past when the call was to start, so we ended up pulling over on the side of the freeway for him to conduct his call! I can tell you it was a bit of a nail biter for me! 😬

A funny thing happened on the way to ……… After the conference call, we headed to town so this author could do some blogging! We ended up spending 2.5 hours in a Ralph’s parking lot. Amazing some of the things you see being parked for a couple of hours in a store parking lot! We witnessed an accident, as a driver drove his car into a cement post rendering his car undriveable!

From Montańa De Oro, we drove about an hour along highway 1 to San Simeon.

Gorgeous coastal views, secluded sandy beaches and …. zebras? No, this isn’t Africa. While this is an unlikely site in California, San Simeon is home to a heard of zebras. They were brought to California by William Randolph Hearst, newspaper tycoon and resident of Hearst Castle. At one time, Hearst Castle was home to the largest private zoo in the world. It was dismantled in 1937 due to Hearst’s financial difficulties but the zebras still remain on the land today.

It seems this trip was definitely about the creatures! From the bold ground squirrels that ran amuck in our campground….

to the seals, posing for the camera….

or our canine friends partaking in wine tasting!……

Now that Bryon has completed the slides for his API Connect presentation for TechCon on 4/6, we can really enjoy the splendors of our surroundings and this advanture. Did you see what I did with the play on words? 😄

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