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March 31, 2022 Cheryl Bertini

Day 7 & 8 – PCH California road trip heading from Lake Havasu/Parker Damn to Joshua Tree National Park/North at Jumbo Rocks

In search of the Joshua trees. Author: Cheryl Bertini

Do you see a book hidden in the tree above?

Yippee!! We were treated with many Joshua Tree’s on this side of the park as we never saw one on the South side.

The curves and undulating shapes of the rocks in the park had me envisioning many large round bottoms, and hearing the song in my head “I Like Big Butts”. Really, I cannot lie. 😉

I’m sure Bryon Kataoka would relate this back to some technical reference, maybe something to do with API Connect. Of course he did! The stacks of rocks reminded him of the building blocks of software, perfectly layered and hardened. And a balanced rock and spoke he related to balancing priorities.

Do you wonder who piled up all those rocks? Well, mother nature of course! The rock piles began underground eons ago as a result of volcanic activity. Magma – in this case a molten form of the rock called monzogranite – rose from deep within the Earth. You can’t help but use your imagination to see unlikely shapes.

What do these particular boulders remind you of:

Doesn’t leave mush-room for error

Jabba, what are you doing in the park?

Nature’s idea of a face lift!

As you can see, Bryon is combining the experience of nature with the prepping for his presentation on 4/6 at IBM Tech Con. Isn’t he a rock solid guy? 😉

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