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March 31, 2022 Cheryl Bertini

Day 4-6 – PCH California road trip heading from Joshua Tree National Park to Lake Havasu

Yikes! it’s spring break. Author: Cheryl Bertini

This leg of our road trip brought us to Lake Havasu on the border of California and Arizona. We spent 3 days with a dear friend who winters there for 5 months of the year, escaping the rains of Northern California. Yeah, right!

It appears our trip coincided during spring break. Lucky us! 😜 And it appears spring break doesn’t just apply to the college students, as most of the (retired) guests at Sunshine resort seemed to keep up with the younger folks!

Our friend Gerry provided us with a guided tour on two separate days of the sites around Parker Dam and Lake Havasu. We even got to see the London Bridge! And thankfully it wasn’t falling down! 😉

That is Gerry and Rita. I call her Rita Schmida. She was a rescue from Compassion Without Borders, an organization that rescues dogs from Mexico and puts them up for adoption in the US.
And yippee! we had electric and water hookups AND Wifi! There was also shower facilities, which helped tremendously, since it got to the mid 90’s on 2 of the 3 days!

And of course, Bryon nor I got away scot-free without putting in some work time.

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