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March 30, 2022 Cheryl Bertini

Day 2 of the PCH road trip & API Connect Book Tour

Exploring the beautiful California coast in route from Big Sur to Paso Robles, author: Bryon Kataoka

Living in a camper van is a whole new experience for us! It added some unique challenges as we prepared to head to Paso Robles from Big Sur for our stay at Tobin James Winery.

We needed to empty our cassette toilet, fill up with fresh water and empty the grey water. A bit of yucky job, but not something you want to put off. One of those preparation items is to make sure you use the potable, not the non-potable water when filling your fresh water tank!! We were warned by a fellow camper, who unfortunately did this the wrong way.

We were treated to some amazing views during our 2.5-hour drive from Big Sur to Paso Robles. Well let’s be real, Cheryl was treated mostly, as Bryon was driving! You may wonder how we were able to stay the night at a winery? Tobin James winery is a part of Harvest Hosts. Participating farms, ranches, and wineries that are part of Harvest Hosts allow you to camp for 1 night, which is included in the annual subscription cost. If you choose, you also have the ability to participate with activities that might be going on during your stay.

Thinking about all the planning involved in this 3-week road trip, I realized similarities around the planning required to implement API Connect and any digital transformation or modernization effort. Establishing a roadmap, ensuring all the resources are in place and available, understanding variables that may exist and ensuring guidelines are in place. Forgive me; I am a geek at heart so I couldn’t resist correlating this back to technology!

Book on Amazon: Digital Transformation and Modernization with IBM API Connect

Now back to the important stuff! Tobin James is known for their full-bodied red wines. BIG Zins! We snuck in a few photo opps with the book as we were shamelessly marketing it! Our 1-hour wine tasting lasted more like 1.5 hours. Was it the engaging conversation about API Connect with the other tasters or the wine that kept us engaged so long? hmmmmmmmmm

Afterwards we headed back to the camper van and prepared for dinner. We had a great time talking to a couple from Nebraska and learning about their travels. Recall above when I said we learned from another camper to make sure you use potable water when filling your fresh water tank? Yep, you guessed it, it was the Nebraska couple 😉

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