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March 16, 2022 Cheryl Bertini

Road trippin! Join the iSOA team on our road trip as we see the sights and sounds of the California Pacific Coast

Road tripping on the California Pacific Coast Highway and preparing for IBM virtual TechCon 2022 along the way

Join iSOA’s CTO, Bryon Kataoka and COO Cheryl Bertini-Kataoka on a road trip as we travel the California Pacific Coast Highway! How can you do this you say?…

Follow along with iSOA Group, on our magical mystery book tour! Join us as we travel to various points on California’s beautiful Pacific Coast Highway. We will traverse some amazing coastline, share our experiences, and sprinkle a few nuggets along the way. And of course, post some photos sure to make you swoon!

But alas, it will not be all fun and games, as Bryon Kataoka will be preparing for his virtual presentation for IBM TechCon 2022. His presentation, IBM API Connect v10, Tips, Tricks and Best Practices (session #522), is scheduled for Wednesday, April 6, 8:05 am PST/11:05 am EST. Register here: IBM TechCon 2022 registration

Along with some jaw dropping photos, we will be sprinkling some APIC v10 tips and tricks along the way as well as some excerpts from his recently published book: Digital Transformation and Modernization with IBM API Connect book. Amazon/Digital Transformation and modernization with IBM API Connect

Be on the look out for some opportunities to win the book!

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