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December 27, 2021 Cheryl Bertini

Book release: Digital Transformation and Automation with IBM API Connect

A practical guide to developing, deploying and managing high-performance and secure hybrid-cloud APIs, using IBM API Connect

After almost two years of a roller coaster pandemic, we have some good news for businesses adopting a Digital Transformation strategy!

For API Connect developers who are implementing and socializing critical APIs, there is a new book about to be released in early January 2022 that we think will greatly assist in your efforts.

Drum roll please… The book is: Digital Transformation and Modernization with IBM API Connect

The book is organized in 3 sections:
1. Digital Transformation and API Connect
2. Agility in Development
3. DevOps Pipelines and What’s Next

Section 1 exposes the whys and wherefores for Digital Transformation and how API Connect v10 helps you achieve your transformation goals.

Section 2 dives deep into the capabilities of API Connect and provides critical information on v10, allowing for efficiency in development and delivery.

Section 3 teaches you how to create unit tests within API Connect. This capability then is made available to your DevOps pipelines to execute tests in your deployments. You will also learn how to create your own API Analytics visualizations and dashboards, and learn critical Developer Portal customizations

And because this book was written by 3 of the most experienced and skilled professionals in the field of DataPower and API Connect including iSOA Group’s own CTO, Bryon Kataoka, you will be assured that the teachings in this book will translate into real world situations that will apply to your specific use cases.

We hope you gain critical knowledge from this book and that it assists you in your digital transformation journey with API Connect. We’d love to hear your feedback!

We hope to put out additional future blog posts from different chapters within the book.