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July 19, 2021 Brian Silverman

APIM Migration considerations you will want to think about to support an agile API Led Integration

In these challenging times, agile businesses are responding more than ever by leveraging APIs and an API led integration strategy to flexibly react and create new opportunities with their clients and partners. 


API Management vendors are also responding with new offerings to support cloud-native infrastructures, microservices, containers and updated functionality.   These new APIM versions require thoughtful planning to migrate current APIM installations.


At iSOA Group, we work with leading APIM vendors including IBM, RedHat and Broadcom/CA, and we know these APIM solutions require thoughtful planning to migrate successfully.


Our trusted advisors have a few items for you to consider as you look to develop your migration plans:


  • Different Skills are Required: Cloud-native solutions including support of containers such as docker and Kubernetes for management require different skills than traditional or OVA Deployments.


  • Migration vs. Updates: These new cloud-native offerings require a strategy and plan for migrating. It is not just a simple update.  There are different infrastructure requirements, and updates to key functions such as the developer portal and analytics that require a concise migration plan.


  • Public vs. Private Cloud Deployment: These offerings support cloud and private cloud deployments.   You can now choose to place the developer portal on multiple cloud providers while centralizing management and security.


  • APIM Housekeeping: This is a good time to do a health check of your current APIM deployment to plan for the migrated environment.  Evaluate what has worked, what has not and what future business requirements need to be supported by the new APIM environment.


  • APIM Solution choices: The migration of your current APIM solution may take roughly the same time and effort as if you were to migrate to a new solution.  Are there key functions missing from the current vendor offering?  Are there costs or support issues that may make sense to migrate to a new offering?


At iSOA Group, we have been helping our clients plan for their migration.  We have a proven methodology to help you plan for your migration as well as evaluate your current APIM deployed solution.


iSOA Group is an IBM, RedHat and Broadcom/CA APIM partner.  To learn more about our API Management offerings and services at https://www.isoagroup.com/portfolio-item/api-management/


To contact our iSOA Trusted advisors please reach out to the iSOA team at contact@isoagroup.com or call at 707-773-1198.

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