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May 1, 2020 Brian Silverman

iSOA Group Responds to the Pandemic. Ways iSOA Can Help

Life and work can be unpredictable, and it’s never been so apparent then during these challenging times.   It’s important we follow the advice of the medical experts and do our part to assure we get back to a more predictable normalcy.

Working remotely has been the norm for most of the iSOA team for many years and we understand productivity in a remote capacity can have a number of challenges.  Some are humorous, like your cat running across your keyboard during a teleconference! Some, not as humorous, such as how to access critical systems and assure critical IT projects stay on track and on schedule.

At iSOA Group, our team of trusted advisors are leveraging not only their many years of customer experience but also working in a remote setting.  To assist our clients in this current environment, we have structured a number of our services offerings to deliver remotely, including:

  • Workshops (Gateway and API Management)
    • Planning
    • Migration
  • Remote planning
  • Training
  • On-Demand Services

For additional information or to discuss how we can support your remote teams, please contact us at contact@isoagroup.com or call 707-773-1198.

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