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December 2, 2019 Brian Silverman

Moving from API Connect v5 to v2018 … Considerations

Are you an IBM API Connect customer?  If so, we have some questions for you:

  1. Have you deployed V5 and wonder what you need to consider when migrating to APIC v2018?
  2. Have you deployed API Connect V5 successfully, and you’re looking to migrate to API Connect v2018?
  3. Did you know API Connect V5 was deployed on VM’s, whereas API Connect v2018 has been built on a microservices architecture to support containerized hybrid cloud deployments?
  4. Is your team well versed in containers and Kubernetes?
  5. Are you considering migration?

For those looking to migrate from APIC v5 to APIC v2018, our CTO,  Bryon Kataoka and team has put together a document that outlines what you need to consider: Managing APIs: More Than Turning A Switch.

Like some of our clients you may consider deploying APIC v2018 for new API Management requirements and also maintain their APIC V5 deployments.

If you would like to discuss your current API Connect Deployment or your API Management strategy, please contact Brian Silverman at bsilverman@isoagroup.com and he can arrange a discussion with our CTO or call our offices at 707-773-1198

If you want to learn more about API Led Integration, register below for our upcoming webinar with IBM on December 5th:

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