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October 30, 2019 Brian Silverman

iSOA Tips & Techniques from the Field: DataPower Virtual Edition (VE) available as a Docker container

This weeks Tip & Technique comes from our DataPower team, as we look at a key option for IBM’s DataPower Gateway Virtual Edition.

To increase deployment and management flexibility, clients may not be aware, that DataPower VE is now available to be deployed on Docker as a container.  This gives clients increased flexibility to deploy on-prem and/or in the cloud(s).

This enables a common secured gateway and architecture to be deployed across your hybrid environment, assuring secure and common management tools for support and performance.   It also enables operations teams to leverage their container management systems (e.g. Kubernetes) to support the DataPower deployments as well.

To learn more about the options and requirements visit IBM’s site for more information.