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October 21, 2019 Brian Silverman

iSOA Tips & Techniques from the Classroom: Migrating from IBM API Connect V5 to V2018 – Considerations for deploying the developer toolkits

In our previous blog, we highlighted some of the changes and options for deployment of API Connect v2018.

This week Bryon continued his focus on educating the team on the differences between APIC V5 and APIC v2018.   One of those differences is the API Connect Developers Toolkit.  For example, the toolkit for APIC v2018 was redeveloped and does not support V5.

If you are like some of our clients, you may have V5 in production and are planning your v2018 migration or using APIC v2018 for new use cases to build new skills and plan for migration at a later date.

Be aware that the executable for V5 and V2018 toolkit are the same name. Be careful when you install the APIC v2018 toolkit and make sure you install it in a different location than V5. Then you will have access to both.