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February 28, 2018 Cheryl Bertini

DataPower + Watson Services:  Accelerate innovation by bringing AI to secured message routing and integration

Author: Bryon Kataoka, iSOA Group CTO and Sudhir Mohith, IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration & Development Leader

IBM’s DataPower Gateway, and the new class president, Watson, have very different purposes – but, when their individual assets team up, they can expedite growth and company transformation. DataPower, designed to support security requirements, has been an industry leader in secure messaging gateways and integrations even before the IBM acquisition in 2005. Meanwhile, requirements to incorporate artificial intelligence (like IBM’s Watson) to improve the understanding of message content is fast becoming the norm. It is no longer enough for a bot to understand the denotation of your words, they must now also understand the connotation. Together they provide a secure avenue to have all your burning inquiries answered.

For example, imagine you wanted to order a bottle of cabernet for a weekend holiday. You go online to your favorite e-commerce website to order a 1989 “cab”  However, instead of a bottle of wine, a 1989 Chevy arrives at your door. With voice fast becoming a key interface for companies and their online interactions with customers, understanding the literal definition of our words is not enough, systems also need to be able to  interpret our intent, colloquialisms, and phrasing.

Incorporating AI contextual services can improve the understanding, and intent, of all digital communications.  These systems need to be both responsive and accurate at the time of the interaction with customer, employee, or audience, with the capability to comprehend the message’s purpose, as well as the literal meaning of the words, to help ensure the success of online agents and bots communications.  It can also can be a great asset for companies that are looking to expand – understanding the requests of clients in a nearby state, or a country half-way around the world, is critical to good business.  

One solution to this challenge is to integrate Watson’s NLC Services with DataPower. Integrating Watson NLC services to the secured messaging abilities of DataPower will enable your applications, and bots, to more clearly understand the intent and meaning of customer communications.   Watson requires training to understand the different communications and nuances of words, comparing the difference between cabernets and cabs.  Watson returns responses based on its confidence of the correct answer, DataPower will route based on the most probable answer.  The more questions Watson processes the smarter it gets and the more accurate the response along with the security and responsiveness of DataPower.

Want to learn more about how to add AI contextual services to your DataPower messaging?

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