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February 26, 2018 Cheryl Bertini

IBM DataPower Weekly Webcast: Extending Your Existing DataPower Implementation to Include Watson API Services – March 2nd, 2018

Every Friday one of our experts provides a 20 minute overview on a particular topic related to the DataPower platform.  This webcast series is designed to provide brief, easily digestible content regarding DataPower functionality, emerging use cases, best practices, recent announcements, and client successes.  It is an opportunity to learn how you can better leverage DataPower in your organization and discover new areas of applicability. 

Friday at 11 am & 2 pm Eastern

This week we have two guest speakers, Bryon Kataoaka, CTO returns from iSOA Group and is joined by Sudhir Mohith, IBM WW Technical Channel Partner to discuss Extending Your Existing DataPower Implementation to Include Watson API Services., including an example use case of integrating DataPower and IBM Watson’s Natural Language Classifier to add intelligent understanding to DataPower message handling.

This session will preview their upcoming breakout session, 3050, at IBM Think 2018 conference and will cover:

* Value of integrating DataPower and Watson Natural Language Classifier (NLC)

* IBM’s Watson Natural Language Classifier (NLC)
* Extending DataPower Framework to Include Watson API’s such as NLC
* Sample Use Case

Log in Information:https://ibm2.webex.com/join/jspacini 
Once connected to Webex, you can setup the audio connection though your PC or your phone.

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