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November 2, 2017 Cheryl Bertini

Webcast: The Value of DataPower Frameworks

iSOA Group’s CTO, Bryon Kataoka, will again be the featured presenter at this Friday’s IBM DataPower Weekly Webcast, hosted by IBM.

Bryon’s presentation will be on the value of DataPower frameworks.  DataPower frameworks are a set of configurations that comprise a single gateway that supports security, threat protection, validation, transformation and routing, whether deployed in the DMZ or in the trusted zone.  DataPower frameworks can streamline development and ease administration, while limiting the number of ports exposed in deployment.

Bryon will share DataPower framework best practices learned across numerous client engagements including:

  • Describing common DataPower gateway frameworks.
  • Extending and reuse of frameworks.
  • Utilize frameworks to effectively leverage DataPower advanced capabilities.

iSOA Group presentation: November 3, 2017 at 11:00AM and 2:00PM ET

IBM DataPower Weekly Webcasts

Every Friday one of our experts provides a 20 minute overview on a particular topic related to the DataPower platform.  This webcast series is designed to provide brief, easily digestible content regarding DataPower functionality, emerging use cases, best practices, recent announcements, and client successes.  It is an opportunity to learn how you can better leverage DataPower in your organization and discover new areas of applicability.

When: Fridays at 11am and 2pm ET

Log in Information: https://stmeetings.na.collabserv.com/stmeetings/room/join/access?id=7634-2249
Meeting password: datapower
Conference Bridge: 1-888-426-6840, Passcode: 64534212#

Would you like to be added the weekly invite? Please contact IBM’s Jason Pacini at jspacini@us.ibm.com.

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