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April 5, 2017 Cheryl Bertini

Learning in Las Vegas: iSOA’s Insights and Observations from Interconnect 2017

iSOA Group, Inc. rolled out our very own red carpet to capture attendees’ minds and share our vision of the foundation for digital innovation.
We started the week prior to Interconnect by rolling out our new website; launched with our continued focus on helping companies build a secure, flexible, and integrated foundation for digital innovation.

During Interconnect, we focused not only on informing prospects and partners of iSOA’s strengths, but also on our own education in the latest industry trends and IBM offerings.  We were also a sponsor, with a pedestal in the Hybrid Cloud Test Drive section of the concourse.

Our CTO, Bryon Kataoka, shared the stage with two clients in breakout sessions.  1) With Cuna, which concentrated on migration of DataPower to I
BM’s API Connect, and 2) with Quest Diagnostics on the implementation of a strategic SOA solution.  Slides of those sessions are available for download, below:

Move from IBM DataPower to IBM API Connect with Custom User Policies; Guidance from Cuna


Quest Diagnostics: From Strategy to Implementation with Our SOA Strategy

Brian Silverman, iSOA Group Sales and Marketing Leader, led a Lightening Talk in the IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration booth centered on API’s as a foundation for standardization of infrastructure and security.

From a learning perspective, the iSOA team found IBM’s Interconnect agenda and content insightful and innovative.  A few highlights from our team are include:

Bryon Kataoka presenting at Interconnect ’17

  • Sherlock Holmes was right, it is “elementary, my dear Watson”, as IBM’s Watson and cognitive computing were at the center of keynotes, the solution expo, and presentations throughout the event. From language translation, to emotional awareness and energized bots, to integrated weather forecasting, IBM’s Watson was at the center of the conference and positioned as a leader in the cognitive AI space. IBM did not just highlight this, but also in announcements including the exciting partnership with Salesforce and their Watson-powered AI offering, Einstein.
  • Watson capabilities are accessible via API’s on IBM’s Bluemix platform-as-a-service (PAAS) platform, enabling companies to include services such as language translation, and helping companies enable their own applications and bots.
  • Yes, API’s and API management were a hot topic of their own. Not just in our own presentation with Cuna, but in numerous sessions on different use cases and the capability of IBM’s API Connect solution. Our team attended many of the breakouts, swhere many  were standing room only.
  • Cloud and hybrid cloud are not just a trend – it is the norm. Did you know that analysts estimate most companies have more than 5 cloud providers?  It isn’t too hard to get your head around that if you think of the different services available for infrastructure, application platforms, and cloud based applications.  The key, as we have been promoting for years, is the need to have a hybrid integration framework that enables flexibility and trust across cloud and on-premise systems and applications.
  • Finally, looking to the future, Blockchain is more than just bitcoin turned on its side. Blockchain and IBM’s focus is on the hyper ledger standard supporting a new approach for companies to securely share trusted transactional information in a productive manner. From a few companies, to many around the globe, all sharing the same trusted information.  The example in Monday’s keynote was tracking diamonds, and their authenticity, to assure value and reduce the black market for stolen gems.

Look for more insights from our team in our soon to be launched Expert’s Corner and CTO Insights.

Interested in learning more?  Please reach out to Brian Silverman at bsilverman@isoagroup.com or contact our office at 707-773-1198.

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