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June 7, 2016 Daniel Nofsinger

What is next after Mobile? Smarter cars? Voice Assistants?

As the USA Today article,   “Smartphones may loosen their grip over family life as voice devices rise” , highlights, there are new technologies that are hot on the heels of smart phones.

It will be 9 years ago on June 29th that the first iPhone was released.  The smart phone, with its apps and ability to center itself in your hand provided useful information and interaction beyond the basics of phone calls and text messages, and thus changed the world.   Now, there is an app for everything.  An app for tracking your heartbeat, your lost pet, or predicting the weather down to the minute.  There are apps to find the closest restaurant or the nearest dog-friendly hotel.

Just as the PDA’s (Personal digital assistants) were the invention of their time – remember Palm Pilots? – so have smart phones provided the connections that consumers swear by and are unable to live without. But, do we really have the crystal ball prediction ability to determine what will follow?  Will the next “interface” of choice be speaking to your car, Google Home, or Amazon’s Alexa?  Or will it be a completely new device? All require a well thought out approach to digital innovation in the future.

The good news is that it doesn’t take a psychic for IT professionals and companies to prepare for the next innovation.

At iSOA Group, we know there are going to be some consistent requirements for the future devices and interfaces to work, including:

  1. A consistent approach to communication and the ability to share key information. Whether this data populates to a web page, is a pop up on a smart phone, or is spoken to you through a speaker in your car, having a consistent interface for consumers to connect and communicate with their devices will be a necessity.
  2. Integration with your systems of record, , as IBM calls your “business systems”. Turn information into business with your customer.  These new devices and interfaces all need access to common consistent information and consistent methods of interface to execute a business transaction, such as a hotel reservation.
  3. A single place for developers, inside and outside your company, to access application information. The how, what and where will need to be leveraged for application information and documentation in order for developers and providers of services to assure success and innovation.

Along with IBM, iSOA knows that API’s (Application Program Interfaces) and a strong consistent framework will support innovation,; to be prepared for any or all opportunities that will provide growth into these new digital opportunities.

Want to know more? The IBM Solution, and iSOA Group, Inc. are leading companies in development of API Frameworks and approaches for digital innovation.

Join me, Brian Silverman, iSOA Group, Inc. Senior Solution Consultant, along with Bill Barrus from IBM, for a webinar on June 16th at 11AM PDT / 2PM EDT.

“Digital Innovation with API’s and IBM’s API Connect” and see a demonstration of the IBM software.”