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About Us

iSOA Group, a Gateway Solutions and Services company and part of Commerce Solutions, Inc. (CSI), is celebrating its 20th year as a boutique consulting company and trusted advisor to our clients in achieving real business results from Gateway, API, and hybrid cloud integration.

Leadership Team

iSOA Group, a Gateway Solutions and Services company and part of Commerce Solutions, Inc. (CSI), is celebrating its 20th year as a boutique consulting company and trusted advisor to our clients in achieving real business results from Gateway, API, and hybrid cloud integration.



CTO, Trusted IT Advisor, and Founder

Bryon Kataoka is a trusted IT advisor and a veteran in software consulting with more than 25 years in the industry. After years in the financial industry, Bryon helped mold iSOA Group, Inc., a division of Commerce Solutions, into an IBM Premier Business Partner in 1997. As a trusted advisor, Bryon recognized the need to help organizations move toward SOA. Launched in 2007, iSOA Group helps to guide enterprises into cost-efficient integration within partner networks (particularly in healthcare). Bryon continues to advise institutions on the benefits of SOA integration, use of Gateway appliances (such as IBM® DataPower® and CA API Gateway), as well as management and technical practices that enable improvement and revenue-producing outcomes.

Bryon, a father of four, lives in Sonoma County, California, where he enjoys hobbies such as wine making and amateur golf.



COO, Customer Relationship Executive, and Principal

Cheryl Bertini has over 18 years of experience in corporate environments in various capacities. Coming from an IT background, Cheryl joined Commerce Solutions at its inception in 1997 in order to manage IT contracts and business partner relationships. Cheryl has worked in numerous capacities at Commerce Solutions/iSOA Group and now oversees the daily operations.
Cheryl’s current focus is on assuring client satisfaction in regards to our services and solutions, managing vendor relationships and software resale initiatives.

Cheryl lives in Sonoma County, California and is the mother of four children. Along with being an accomplished yoga instructor, she is also the Sonoma/Napa County wine-tasting coordinator for our clients and guests!



CFO and Co-founder

Along with Bryon Kataoka, Peter Ling is the co-founder of Commerce Solutions and iSOA Group. In 1997, Peter and Bryon addressed the growing need for object-oriented programming and J2EE development and thus developed iSOA Group into an IBM Premier Business Partner and Gateway consulting company.

Peter’s unique specialty is his ability to recognize, understand, and blend his understanding of the IT services industry with his strategic organization and people skills, enabling companies to succeed.

Peter lives in Marin County, California with his wife, Aiko, who is a nationally recognized figurative sculptor. Peter enjoys world travel and karaoke.

Expertise that improves your bottom line

At iSOA Group, we understand the business value that technology brings at every stage of its lifecycle. We are certified experts in Gateway technology, API management, and hybrid cloud integration, enabling our clients to discover true business value from their technology solutions.

iSOA Group is a CA Technologies Partner focused on their API Gateway and API management solutions. Our skills in secured Gateway and API management solutions include strengths in CA API Gateway (formerly Layer 7) technology. We work to provide unique value for CA Technology customers through unique API Gateway frameworks and proven expertise. iSOA Group also resells CA offerings to create a complete solution for our customers.

Since our inception in 1997, iSOA Group has been an IBM Business Partner with a team of certified advisors focused on the technology of IBM® DataPower® Gateway, IBM API Connect™, and hybrid cloud integrations. As a thought leader, we provide unique solutions and services that incorporate IBM solutions and cloud offerings. iSOA Group is a reseller of IBM software and hybrid cloud solutions, enabling our team to package a complete and cost-effective solution for your business.

Grow with us!

iSOA Group is looking for a few good people!

iSOA Group, experts in IBM DataPower and IBM API Connect technologies has openings for IBM DataPower and IBM API Connect skilled candidates. Our base of operations is in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Candidate location(s): Anywhere in North America

For immediate placement.

Contract or FTE.

Must be willing to travel.

Must be able to configure, administer and develop on both DataPower and APIC!

Minimum experience: A minimum of 5 years experience in DataPower, with current experience on latest appliances and firmware.  Experience with version 5.06 and higher on IBM API Connect.

If your skills meet the minimum above requirements, please fill out the “Come Work with Us” section, below, and send your resume to: careers@isoagroup.com

Come work with us.

iSOA Group is always expanding and looking for skilled consultants with a desire to help companies grow and innovate. Please fill out the information below, and our services coordinator will get in touch with you shortly.



Let us work for you.

Interested in how iSOA Group can assist you and your company in order to succeed in the digital era? Please fill out the form below, and our solution consultants will get back to you shortly.

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